From my years of social media, there is always something. I joined social media aged 16 and as the themes and controversies over the years have both educated people but also brought confidence to some racist and sexist individuals. People have become even more boldly and outright racist, mostly using excuses such as freedom of speech, Internet bullying because they aren’t face to face, because they have a black friend, boyfriend, family member etc and with individuals in power seemingly encouraging and being racist and sexist themselves. The BLM (Black Lives Matter) movement whilst trying to empower and bring awareness brought the statement of “All Lives Matter” from the ones not understanding or refusing to understand issues affecting black people. The attitude and responses from people are you’re are being defensive, extra, or that isnt racist when expressing your experiences.

Instagram and Facebook comment sections are wild, you find yourself reporting, blocking trolls as we call them now. People have no filter when expressing themselves online like never before, Swear and offensive words aren’t blocked, if they get banned it’s only for short periods of time or they can make fake accounts. Things are said confidentially knowing there is no real backlash or consequences. Even people I know have shown their true colours during controversies of race.

My experiences have made me want to hold on to my race and celebrate our successes more than ever before and more than any other race because we are so underrepresented, ignored and abused. The attitudes of others have made me want to stick with my own race even in relationships and I identify myself now as Pro-Black. I have no intention to discriminate any other race, being Pro-Black doesn’t make me anti anything else, it just means I see firsthand daily the need for the rise and celebration of my own race and community, I see the importance of increasing representation and the communications of awareness needed from the younger generations to the seniors.

I see.