I started working at a firm a few months ago. I was the only black girl in my department. I was okay until we had a new leader. He would constantly ask me to do things he won’t make anyone else do. He was selective with the type of jobs he gives me at work(they were usually, tedious) One day he asked me to do something that was not part of my assignment and no one had ever done it since I started working there. He asked me to climb a stable and clean the walls at the workplace. I told him that is not something I could do and his response was “You are from Africa you should be hardworking” I told him I am hardworking but I will not do anything that I cannot do. I was reported to the supervisor for not complying at work. I was given 2 strikes for my behavior. 3 strikes are needed to be fired. I know I am on a time bomb and any day from now I will be on my out.